Working With IntelliJ IDEA


This page shows how to use Manymo emulators with IntelliJ IDEA.


You'll need to sign up for a free Manymo account – no credit card required – and then install the Manymo command line tool.


The overall approach is to use the Manymo command line tool to make Manymo in-browser emulators appear like local emulators, and to set up the run configuration for your IntelliJ IDEA Android project to prompt you to choose the target device each time you run or debug so that you can pick a running Manymo emulator.

IntelliJ IDEA Android Project Setup

  1. Open or create an Android project.

  2. Open the Run menu and choose Edit Configurations...

  3. Locate the Target Device section, select Show chooser dialog, and click the OK button.

Running And Debugging

  1. Launch an emulator.

  2. Use the Manymo command line tool to establish a tunnel.

  3. Run or debug the project from IntelliJ IDEA.

  4. Select the Manymo emulator and click the OK button.