Bookmarklet Opens URLs In Any Of 53 Different Android Browsers

Feb 27/2013, by Dan Grigsby


Open In Android bookmarklet shows the browser's current page in the Android browser of any of 53 different Android OS and screen size combinations.

For Responsive Design and the Mobile Web

Our new Open In Android bookmarklet is an easy way to open URLs in Manymo virtual Android devices, making responsive design on various screen sizes and accommodating the limitations of various versions of Android easier.

Actual Android Browsers

Manymo hosts browser accessible virtualized Android devices; when you use the bookmarklet you'll interact with the pages in the actual Android browser of the device you select. The browsers have the same capabilities/limitations and pages render as they would on actual devices with the same OS version and screen size.


See the Open URL page for instructions to add the bookmarklet to your browser.

A login is required to use the bookmarklet – it's free to sign up and no credit card is required.


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More to Come

We've got lots more planned for Manymo, so stay tuned by following @manymo on Twitter.